Wednesday, January 09, 2008

so... these are icons that i made and felt like putting somewhere... some of these are pretty old, and bad... there about 2 that i actually really like. anyway, enjoy.


Saturday, February 10, 2007

So you've decided to cosplay

yeah, we're going to Katsucon again this year, and instead of Getbackers we've got an Organization XIII theme going on. And yeah, there are more than two of us so i think we can legitimatly call it a theme. we are cosplaying as follows (in order of the org. cause i'm a dork):
Karyna- Xigbar #2
Karyna- Vexen #4 (EDIT: yeah, she just added this one lawl, cake!)
Rin- Saix #7
Karyna- Axle #8 (yeah, she's being one for each day...)
Me!- Demyx #9
Amanda- Larxene #12 (XD)(EDIT: roxas was too hard for her, so she switched to Larx)

anyway, the whole point of this post is that I have to make Dem's REDICULOUS sitar-thing-yeah. and I'm making it out of pink insulation foam (no, not fiberglass, you simpletons) and foam core and paint and gesso.
READY FOR PICTURES?! 'cause 'ahma post 'em.
  • Here's some of the big ol' piece of tracing paper I used to map it all out. It's 5 feet tall. to get the measurements I used corelDRAW and set the picture to 5 inches then multiplied all the distances by 12 to get inches. it took forever ;o;
  • This is the first piece of pink foam we cut. Its for the bulb. the pink foam is 2 inches thick and 8 feet tall. it has been in the hall of my house for several weeks now and is starting to get annoying.
  • So you know how foam isnt the strongest of materieals? to strenghten it we built a wood skeleton that sits flush with the top of the foam. my god, making this channel nice and straight and stuff was hell.
  • We cut the rest of the pieces for the bulb, and glued them. Here's a top view, and here's from the back.
  • Since the neck is so thin, we decided to glue it on the wood before we cut it. this is the first pic where you can sorta see the whole thing comming together.
  • oh, right, here's the bulb sanded and awesome. we used sand paper and raspers (kinda like really big nail file boards)
  • This is the coloured foam core I used for the face. looking back, foam core is not the best thing to use because its really hard to cut with a nice straight smooth edge. plus the edges are white and we still havnt figured out how to cover them...
  • PROGRESS! the white is gesso. its kinda like plaster paint and once again, it is not the best thing to use with the pink foam. because when you paint it on, it's all streaky, and when you try to sand it, it doesnt sand because its on spongey foam. >.<>

more pics with more progress! (email me for questions, i dont check the comments here.)

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Talk like a Pirate Day 2006

ARRRRRRRRRR! Today be Talk like a Pirate Day! And today be a great day. I just want t' say to all those yellah bellied lubbers who gave me dirty looks and especially to the bilge rat who yelled "take that dumb ass hat off" that ye all don't know what ye're missin'! Call me an' me hearties anythin' ye want, it's still more fun than ye'll e'er have! Tell me the next time ye say "Where do ye be plunderin' ye're ties from, Cap'n Rosen?" to yer physics teacher.

Anyway, Mike let me borrow his very ARRsome tricornnered hat and of course I wore me "ask me how I became a pirate" shirt and eye-patch. and I brought me Jolly Rodger, me spy glass, me pirate medallians, and me, er, pirate pencil toppers into school.
Dave is me official hero for the day. He got really into it and we were yellin' ARRRR and SCURRRRVYYY all throughout mid day mess.
and of course BIG PROPS to me hikari-chan for bringing in that helm. it must have been drivin' her nuts all day long XB
and I love every one who said ARRRR at any point in the day.

Official Talk like a Pirate Day website

Sunday, July 09, 2006

I raise you an undead monkey!

So, have you guys seen, er, what was that movie called? Oh, wait, I know!
PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MAN'S CHEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Right, this whole thing has spoilers (big and small) all through out, so go see the movie first!!!

Ok, so wanna know how good it was? It surpassed my expectations.
my expectations!
and bitches know I was right about Jack's compass!!
and my three favourite ugly pirates were in it (that'd be Pintel, Ragetti and Barbossa). AND they weren't the uglyest pirates in it! (day-am the crew of the Dutchman were gnarley like all that)
and the last scene sent me into spasms of joy. its greatness was put into words by our very own katherine:
"If Jack had walked down those steps, it would have been beyond lame. but it was beyond AWSOME!"
omg i died. Sooo happy about that.
also, i have to say it. Poor Norrington. Jack was right, he is a rumpot! and he's not even a happy drunk, he's all depressed!
Gibbs on the other hand- well lets just say he hasn't changed much. But Liz did. she got better i thought ('sept for that part where she threw that temper tantrum) and her lips were less.... bothersome. Other people I liked better in 2 than 1 would include Jack the monkey, but that's probly because all they did was shoot it (if I were Pintel or Ragetti I'd be so pissed that i ran into that thing again). Also, i thougth Cotton deserves mention this time around (but thats about all for him.)
people I did not like were Tia Dalma (her mouth looked rotten and she wasnt funny and she had too much of the bloody exposition (McStew style!)), and that Beckett guy. He wants order in the caribbean, but he is willing to use evil means to bring it around? thats not cool, man. also, I didn't care very much for the cannibals, but they were nothing i cant live with.

Ragetti can't read D:
Pintel lies like a rug
Barbossa = win
Jack is still a no-good, double crossing, backstabber
Gibbs tried to act like he wasnt superstitious. I laughed.
Will needs to work on that sarcastic attitude of his
Cotton always gets the short end of the deal.
The midget totally uses the rest of them, but they don't notice because he's below eyelevel
Annamaria... wasn't there! hahahahaha
Norrington cannot be blamed for anything stupid he does just because its not any of his fault what happened to him.
Bootstrap is just a big softy (ha, get it, cause he's a sea sponge? ok never mind)
Gov. Swann's first name is Weatherby?! no wonder he's so messed up.
Becket's underling (Mr. Mercer) reminds me of Slugworth of the Wonka thing

and lemme talk about Captain Davy Jones now. Main villain second time around was deffinatly not as good as Barbossa (♥). Now don't get me wrong, Jonesy wasn't bad, but I can't feel bad for him like i did for bossa cause his plight (somewhat more serious than Bossa's) was caused by his own stupidity:
Ohnoes! I like a girl, but I'm on a boat and the girl doesnt like me anyway... I KNOW! I'll cut out my heart and put it in a box! Because a) the accutal organ the heart is where emotion comes from, and b) I'll so live like normal and nothing bad will happen!
yeah, good job there Jonesy.... anyway, he was also mean and a sore looser. Makin' Bootstrap all whip Will like that (to be fair though, Bootstrap could have just said that he was the one who dropped the cannon (cause he did) and not told ol' Jonesy about bloody stupid Will). see, Barbossa wouldn't have made him do that cause bossa's not abusive twards his crew! ...nyeah...
AND speaking of Barbossa, damn that last scene was good! I love the apple. deffinatly my favourite object in potc. and IN YOUR FACE Rin! he finally got to eat it! Chew on that bitch!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

wow, not a real update

oh yeah, its been a while huh?
PotC2 insanity here
katsucon pics here
and thats pretty much all...

Friday, January 13, 2006

"I look like an ice cream"

It was foggy today, so i did the logical thing and watched Pirates of the Caribbean again. if you wonder why it's logical its because when i went and saw Kong, the map of skull island said that it is always surrounded by fog, and the boat people had found a guy who said it was always foggy. so they get there, and its way foggy and they get caught on the rocks. the next day the fog is nowhere to be found. and all the days after that the fog, which is supposed to be around all the time, is missing. i told mom and she said that i couldnt complain because there are so many discrepancies in potc, so i proceeded to tell her that the fog that surrounds the black pearl is consistant throughout the whole movie ('sept for that one scene where Gibbs 'n Lizabeth 'n Will 'n Annamaria and all them are sailing away from the pearl. and they look back from the intercepter and there isnt any fog. but thats only in one shot so you can overlook it). anyway, so its foggy and i watched it. the point is a whole bunch of characters corespond to edibles. here's my list:
Norrington- Ice Cream
Jack- Rum
Barbossa- Apples
'Lizabeth- Wax Lips
Gibs- Any Kind of Alcohol
^those are the people its obvious for. the rest dont really make sence, but i try
Gov. Swan- Anything Regurgatated
Pintel- Sourpatch
Ragetti- Shirly temple
Will- Pocky

yeah, see?

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Revolutions in Resolutions

i dont usually make newyears resolutions, so heres a site that'll make 'em for you.

In the year 2006 I resolve to:

Teach my dog to fly.

Get your resolution here